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In this unprecedented time in our world, so much in life feels uncertain. Yet in the midst of our current crisis, we are assured that God and God’s love remain our constant. Throughout scripture we are reassured as God’s people that God loves us and can be trusted. God’s nature will not change no matter our circumstances. God’s love will remain steadfast. No matter our own anxieties, our changing circumstances, no matter how faithful or unfaithful, anxious or non-anxious we feel in these times, God will remain the same Loving God who pours out God’s mercy upon us with no hesitation or discrimination.

As we seek to remain connected to God during the pandemic, it’s my privilege to provide worship opportunities and other spiritual growth opportunities online. Please know whether you are a member of this faith community or not, you are welcome to join in any worship or study opportunities at Lawrence Chapel.

Along with the people of LCUMC, I am here as a disciple to help you on your faith journey. Together, we seek to practice the love and teachings of Jesus!
Thank you for your interest in LCUMC. If you have questions about LCUMC or would like to share a prayer request feel free to contact me at pastor@lawrencechapel.church.

Reverend Mollie Bame Reddic and family sitting on a hay bales at a fall festival.
Reverend Mollie Bame Reddic


Lawrence Chapel United Methodist Church was organized around 1908 by Mr. Jim Lawrence and his sister, Mrs. E.B. Ramsey. Many others in the community assisted in the founding of LCUMC. A Sunday School was organized and the old Long Branch School house was used for a period of time as the place for church meetings and services.

The Sanctuary was built in 1912 by people of different denominations and racial backgrounds. It was truly a gathering of the people who lived and worshipped in this community and the surrounding areas. Lawrence Chapel is located on State Highway 133, just north of Daniel High School and is approximately four miles from the towns of Central, Clemson, and Six Mile.

LCUMC has been continuously in ministry for more than 100 years and her history is filled with notable achievements. All of those accomplishments cannot be listed in this brief history. Mrs. Nelle Evans completed a detailed history of Lawrence Chapel in 1995. In June 1997 LCUMC became a station church after having been on the charge with other United Methodist Churches since it was organized.

Five ministers have come from this congregation: The Reverends Joe Henry Maw, Ziphie Moore, Dalton Smith, Tommy Barker, and Michael Bowers. This is a tremendous attestation to the spirituality of the congregation who have worshipped and served at Lawrence Chapel.